N.R. is grateful to be on a sabbatical from real life where, instead of writing, she was a problem solver and organizer of all things project and process related. To say that she is glad she doesn’t have to juggle the world right now is an understatement.  She currently spends her days attempting to beat the black hole that is her home office into submission, learn how to adapt her favorite baking recipes into gluten free works of art, and as resident slave to Velcro Dog. In fact, Velcro Dog is more than happy to have N.R. home all day, and rewards her with interruptions to her writing time with his urgent need to be the center of attention and to diligently rid the world of squirrels. When she’s not jumping to Velcro Dog’s every whim, she channels her creativity into writing escapist fiction.

A firm believer that life is too short to read depressing, hopeless books,  N.R. writes stories filled with the power love has to empower and to heal. Whether the story takes place in a paranormal reality or is set in small midwestern towns, N.R. promises hope and a happy ending regardless of how much angst she may put her characters through.

You can catch up with her on her blog, Twitter, Pintrest, and Goodreads.

N.R. loves to hear from people who read her blog, so please drop her a line at nrlineswriter (at) gmail (dot) com.

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